Mental Attitude


We need …

Patience to endure those times when you yearn for everything now

Love to remind us why life is worth living when the going is tough

Wisdom to make the right decisions at those crucial times

Empowerment so that we may take our rightful place in the world

Courage to overcome our fears and do what is needed for our success

Introspection so that we may learn from the mistakes of our past

Time the only thing that we cannot change and so desperately need

Destiny where we endeavour to reach within our life time

Excellence the sign post we leave when we’ve done our best

Inspiration what we need to pursue and accomplish our goals

Resilience the trait of all true champions

Purpose the roadmap that gives our lives true meaning

Fulfilment what we hope will make our lives complete

Dreams to give us a vision for tomorrow and a great future

Persistence to make us continue through our personal struggles

Hope to know that things will one day improve even if there is no end in sight

A strong mental attitude so that half the battle has already been won!

Mental Attitude

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