Do you Believe?

If you have ever done anything and in the process keep telling yourself “it is not going to work , it is not going to work” and then it doesn’t, you probably have experienced the downside of belief. There are many situations in life when negative beliefs or lack of confidence in what we do may have dire consequences.

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Belief is the attitude or mindset you take with you into any situation or circumstances of your life. Your belief defines the range of possibilities that are likely (or unlikely) from your perspective. This is why different people experience the same things in their lives, but get totally different results or draw almost contradictory conclusions. Therefore, we need to change what we believe about ourselves and others (i.e. change our paradigm), in order to change our expectations and the results we hope to get in our lives.

A good starting point is to believe in what you do before you embark on any plan. Believe also that you do not need to take on everything on your own. You may have a dream that seems impossible to achieve on your own—but you don’t have to when you can enlist the resources of other people who share your vision.

Napoleon Hill in his famous book Think and Grow Rich  says: “…whatever the mind conceives and believes, it can achieve.” So start believing!

Do you Believe?

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