Self Evaluation, Not Self-Deception

Does everything suddenly become blurred every time you think about your future?

Do you feel like there is so much potential locked inside that you might burst; yet you’re unable to express this inner strength or desire?

If your past was filled with promise and several personal achievements, and everyone had high expectations about your future, which are yet to materialize, then you may feel like you’ve underachieved. That is, by someone else’s expectations, you’ve failed. Taking personal responsibility and relieving yourself of self-doubt are two of the most important stances you can take in your life. No one fails unless they fail to do what they knew was right, but didn’t even bother to try. Therefore, if you’ve ever failed, it was because you chose not to take a stance on an issue you thought was really important, or you defaulted because you were afraid to make a decision. We can only fail, if by our own expectations, we missed the mark when we know we should have.

 Maxim: One of the keys to success is having an open mind; this is true for our spiritual, social or physical lives. The opening of the mind is a prerequisite for learning and accepting new experiences. A closed mind blocks opportunities and prevents the free flow of information into your subconscious mind. Imagine your mind as a leaf floating in the wind and being freely transported from place to place. An open mind creates a gateway for the interchange of knowledge and understanding about all things.

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