Self-Evaluation, not Self-Deception

Asking yourself questions is an important way of evaluating how well you are doing relative to where you think you should be. Try asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a clear path in front of me to what I want most in life and about my future?
  • Is there still potential in me that is locked inside; yet I am unable to express it as  a strength or in a way to make a material difference in the world?

Think carefully before answering these questions. If your past was filled with promise and several personal achievements, and everyone had high expectations about your future, which are yet to materialize, then you may feel like you’ve underachieved. That is, by someone else’s expectations, you’ve failed. Taking personal responsibility and relieving yourself of self-doubt are two of the most important stances you can take in your life.

2002_3_8_170_23_OPLNo one fails unless she fails to do what she knew was right, but didn’t bother to try. Therefore, if you’ve ever failed, it was because you chose not to take a stance on an issue you thought was really important, or you defaulted because you were afraid to make a decision.

We can only fail, if by our own expectations, we missed the mark when we know we should have.

Self-Evaluation, not Self-Deception

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