Self-Evaluation, not Self-Deception

If you’re not happy with your daily or even weekly routine, don’t excuse it by saying, “this is only until I get settled in my job.” Deep down you know that is not true—it’s just you! As long as we have these excuses, we’re never motivated to change and try something different.

When my daughter was six years old, she enjoyed reading books, but you had to first prod her before she would start reading. One of the ways we got her to read was to entice her with a cup of her favourite tea. Once she realized that reading would be gateway for her to enjoy a cup of tea, what use to be the stimulus now became the reward—she would come to the dining table and start reading her heart out so that we know she deserves it.

What is your motivator for making a change to your routine? If by exercising you begin to feel good about yourself, then you need to hold on to that feeling so that the next time it becomes both the stimulus and the reward.

Self-Evaluation, not Self-Deception

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