Leadership has dominated success literature and many boardroom discussions for many decades. It was always thought that leaders made all the difference, and that only as a leader would one be able to make a major difference in a company and in people’s lives. Think again!

Thanks to socialmedia, and in particular Twitter and LinkedIN, the picture has changed dramatically. “Who is following you” and “whom you are following” can have a big impact on your success, career, and social standing.

Your “followership” is an indication of how well you are doing in the social-sphere and connecting with those whom you influence directly or indirectly.

Earning followership and keeping it will take more than just putting yourself and company out there in the public realm, it means being proactive and aware of what people are saying about you and your company on these various social platforms. Your ability to respond in real time (whether under positive or negative circumstances) will tell your followers how interested you are in their point of views. The ubiquity of social media means there is no excuse to be out of touch!

A leader surveys the landscape circumspectly! She is keenly aware that her role is as much forward thinking, as looking backwards to see who is actually following her.

Social Media make it easier for people to share pleasant, as well as unpleasant, experiences with a company, brand or individual. And people don’t have to wait…they can do so immediately after the experience using their mobile devices.

The strength of your followership will determine whether you are way ahead of the competition…or too far behind to catch up.


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