Life’s Incredible Diversity

We’re more alike than we’re different!

There is this unbelievable diversity to life that keeps us in a state of awe! Especially, when we discover another of life’s wonders—and there are many. It’s impossible, in my opinion, for anyone to claim to have a full understanding of the workings of nature and what she has to offer. Every discovery, leads to more uncertainty and often causes us to question our original position on a subject. It is the workings of nature that gives us this incredible diversity which we appreciate and enjoy around us. 

As a people, we share in this incredible diversity, which is expressed by our ethnicities, religions and beliefs. Yet in spite of this diversity, we are more alike than we are different! Think about it, no matter where you live, a smile communicates the same message: “I’m happy to see you” or “you’re welcome“.

Our genes are practically identical, and there are no obvious differences in their structure that anyone could use to differentiate one ethnicity from another.

Most of us are searching for the one thing we hope will make our lives complete and rewarding—I simply call it fulfillment.

However, we do differ in our pursuits—we tend to want different things. This illustrates our diversity in thought, even though we have the same desires and ultimate goals to achieve and be our best. This could mean success, money, love, and/or happiness.

Life’s incredible diversity means that there are many opportunities for all of us to make a unique contribution. We do not need to follow in anyone else’s footsteps…we can create our own pathway to the things and life we want. Let’s make the conscious decision to do what we know is best for ourselves and for life in general.

Life’s Incredible Diversity

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