On the Brinks of a Blackhole

A blackhole has such high gravitational effects at its centre that not even light can escape! Unfortunately, this characteristic make blackholes invisible to the naked eye. You can sense it, but can’t see it. 

Imagine your life resembling a blackhole: At a point in time, everything seems fine, then suddenly you get drawn into more and more precarious situations. Soon you get in so deep that you appear to pass a point of no return and everything you do produces the wrong results—this is the Event Horizon of a blackhole in the case of the metaphor.
This almost imperceptible threshold point of no return means you do not have the ability to correct what has gone wrong, or start over to make amends. You’ve over invested or leveraged your assets too much and a lost will be devastating. Still life appears to be routine, nothing seems to be happening out of the ordinary.
You make what appears to be subtle changes in your life: severing ties with a few people whom you grew up with; not going to places you normally visited. And as though overnight, your world changed in unfathomable ways, and you’re unable to retreat to what it used to be, even as it gets worse!
Oblivious to you, but very clear to everyone else, is the fact that your life is gradually collapsing around you. Once you’re in everything seems normal, but people looking in and evaluating your situation will see you gravitating towards a world (life) that is so chaotic and overwhelming that you’ll soon be wondering what happened? They may try to warn you, but because everything seems normal from your perspective, you’ll likely discount their advice. You withdraw yourself even further and at this stage, you are fast approaching the “singularity” of life.
The “Singularity” of Life

…everything we do in life is conserved, even the smallest decisions have aided and abetted to bring us here.

In cosmology, the singularity is the point in a blackhole where everything is crushed into one compact entity. You approach or recede from life’s singularity with each decision you make in your everyday life — the “gravity” of your decisions, if you will. As you approach the singularity, you are stressed and tested mentally and physically more often. There are more unreasonable demands on your time, and you must sacrifice more and more.
At this point, you realize that everything you did in life has been conserved—even the smallest decision has aided and abetted to bring you here.  In the end, everything that you’ve said, done or failed to do have brought you where you are today…and they are still leading you along the path you’re heading right now. Therefore, you have a choice depending on where you see you’re going—keep doing the same, or change course to avoid the imminent pitfalls.

..life mimics physics—actually physics is life.

This metaphor is another example to show how we can relate life situations to physical phenomena in our universe, because life mimics physics—actually physics is life! Everything including us is composed of the same basic constituents—atoms. Therefore, we do not live in the universe, but are an integral part of it. There is no interface between our bodies and the environment—we’re fundamentally the same. And what’s true for one is also true for the other!

On the Brinks of a Blackhole

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