The Price of “Green”

In the Beginning…There was Green
We need to be mindful of the fact that the world as we see it now is not the way it has always been! There have been significant and remarkable changes that have brought with them “the good and the bad.”
You may choose to focus on the good, but there may be an equivalent, and even more potent, bad that you ignore as a result. For example, technology allows us to do so much more than ever before, allowing us to communicate globally almost instantaneously. Yet its downside is the major environmental footprint which it leaves in its wake with all of these devices, which are becoming obsolete at an increasingly rapid rate.
The manufacturing of electronic devices (or the various components used in them), whether it’s your phone, tablet, computer or television, will have a negative effect on the environment. This is even with the improvements in the processes that are loudly touted by the manufacturers. In the end, the bright new, shiny devices on display in the stores do not tell the tale of their journey to get there. The end of that journey marks the start of another journey once it’s bought. And, after that, another!

Think about that device you bought a month ago. What processes did it undergo to eventually get to you? And what happens to it in a few years when you no longer need it? 


The Price of “Green”

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