Most of us search for one or more things that we hope will make our lives complete and rewarding—fulfillment. We associate fulfillment with many things, some being material pursuits. We expend our days searching for these things to make our lives worthwhile. However, as John Lemon famously coined: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans“. 

Critically, we are never in-tune with what we’re pursuing, so  we chase the “wrong’ things, ignoring blatant facts along the way. We become robotic, often seeing things that others have without determining for ourselves whether or not those things really matter to us.

Similarly, we are doing things simply because others are doing them, even if they don’t reflect our values. We don’t seem to live for ourselves, but for others—and sometimes for the moment.

To find fulfillment, we need to rediscover our purpose—that one thing that we’re uniquely gifted to do during our tenure on this planet—we all have at least one! 

There is no greater feeling than discovering and living out your purpose, but finding it is no easy task. Fulfillment can also ultimately lead you to discover your purpose unconsciously, as in those moments you feel a strong sense of alignment with what you are doing. 


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