Savouring Time

We all have useful and productive things to do with our time…right? Yet, we’re bombarded with information from all angles and from many sources that must be sifted through each day or simply ignored.  Because of the finiteness of life, we must deliberate the way we allocate our precious time—call it time management or even life management.

Savouring” time means using it in a way that maximizes its yield and value to your benefit or others’.

Further, I certainly appreciate that words provide us a means to express our ideas and thoughts in a format that everyone can see, critique and hopefully benefit from—however small. So savour the time you spend capturing your thoughts. Be reflective, contemplative, but also analytical and critical.

We all have something to share with the world, but no one will listen if you don’t start talking or taking the time to write. Start sharing…the world needs what you have to offer! Most of all, savour both the time and the experience!

Savouring Time

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