Your True Colour…It’s not Green

It’s time, you will agree, that manufacturers stop playing the “I’m green” game and begin evaluating their processes in life-cycle terms, i.e. from raw materials through to the final delivery to the customer; to how the customer uses the product; disposes of the waste; and finally how it is typically collected and disposed of. The process should not be 25, 50 or 75% green…it needs to be 100%.
Is it practical…yes.
Is it going to be the most economical in financial terms…perhaps, no! I
s there value in going 100% green?…how about you and me!
True green should be rewarded monetarily.
When you look around we can find many examples where the earth is plundered for short term gains. We deceive ourselves into believing that what we put back through restoration is sufficient compensation for what has been taken—this is self-denial! 
The irony: 

We destroy beauty to create our dwellings, commercial areas and industries, but they’re not graceful enough for us to relish on our vacation trips..are they? We fly thousands of miles around the globe to enjoy somewhere pristine and natural that once existed only a mile away!

Protecting the environment makes logical sense…not dollars and cents! Growth and development are important cornerstones of our society, but they need to be approached sustainably—universally! Development should occur in a sustainable way and certainly not at the wholesale price of the environment.  We should never lose sight of the fact that there is only one earth, regardless of which corner of the planet we live.

Your True Colour…It’s not Green

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