An Ever-changing World

If you look around for a second, you’ll get the sense that we’re not living in a static universe—the world is as dynamic as it can get!

Likewise there people around you who are doing their best to get ahead…just like you and me! If you get caught in a routine or rut, chances are you will be passed over by everyone.

Today’s technology  mean that you can compete globally on traditional goods and services that at one time could only be procured domestically.  “Out-sourcing” and “off-shoring” are now cliches that have been attributed to a world becoming a “flat” place to do business.

This means that more people can compete for your job, leading to more demand for those that cannot be out-sourced. The point is that we must always be looking to build on our skills-set and maximize our talents to stay ahead..or worse, to survive in an increasingly competitive environment.

We are still living in the Darwinian age of “natural selection”, but with the added twist of anthropogenic influences.

An Ever-changing World

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