Recognizing your Talents

Imagine you lived in a world where people failed to acknowledge their gifts and talents. Such a world would be void of fun, artistry, creativity and innovation—not a place anyone would aspire to live in. Fortunately our world is nothing like that. We learn from our instructors and mentors, who use their extraordinary gifts and talents to communicate complex ideas to us so that we may comprehend and build upon them. If they didn’t discover their talents,  we would be an ignorant people, constantly reinventing the wheel.

Clearly a world in which we can discover, explore and share our gifts makes more sense than one void of self-actualization. Fortunately, we have an inner drive that pushes us into different directions and allows us to excel and enjoy different things. These are not our creations – they are God-given gifts and talents! Some of these gifts and talents are easier to discover than others, mainly because society, in its own interest, has come to reward or appreciate some gifts more than others.

We need to summon all the gifts and talents present in the world and let our lights shine ever so brightly to create the type of tomorrow we can all be proud of!

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