The Verdict on Failure

Did you know: "To win, there are no set number of obstacles you have to need to surmount all that are in your path. In contrast, to fail, it matters not how many obstacles you'd previously surmounted, it's the one you couldn't negotiate this time around that matters. The one that stopped you in your tracks and occupied your thoughts until you replaced it with something positive." Success is fleeting, but failure tends to linger! When failure hits, we are blindsided from all the positives that we had prior to that experience. It consumes us. We then relegate ourselves to intense self-inquisition: "Why did I do it this way?", "Why didn't I see it coming?", "Why was I so weak, when I needed to be strong?", "Why…?".

Think about it: How many people do you know personally who have really managed to navigate life and live it fully? And how many have been able to share their strategies with you so that you can be equally successful? It is very rare that even the most innocuous and simple instructions to gain success can actually be replicated. The problem is that we are all unique individuals with unique lives, challenges and opportunities. Also, a major, but stealth component of being successful has to do with something we've got no control over—luck.


Although Robert Kiosaki in Rich Dad, Poor Dad has described LUCK as "Labouring Under Correct Knowledge", the majority of people will claim that only the negative variety, "bad luck" has come their way. While luck is random, the preparation that needs to take place to transform it into success isn't! What has been your experience with luck and failure? Have you only seen success where luck was on your side or have you created your own "luck" and experience success as a result?