Staircase to Success

Ever thought about what would be a good analogy for the progression you want to make in your life or career? How about envisioning the progression like climbing the staircase of a multi-storey building…without using the elevators? In this context an elevator would represent leverage given to you by someone else as an advantage, opportunity or benefit. Without that leverage, you must climb the stairs with your own energy, motivation, determination and persistence.

Now, let’s take this analogy a bit further.

Wherever you are on your stairs, so long as you haven’t reached the top, there is always one more tread to climb. And, unless you’ve reached the “ceiling or roof”, there will always be one more level to go…i.e. one more rise and tread combination for you to maneuver.

The effort used to get to the present tread won’t help you to get to the next, nor the next, and so on. Each time you must summon up new motivation, determination and strength to get from one tread to the other… and from one level to the next.

For those who are already climbing: ensure you’re in the right building (profession, relationship, network, career, etc.) and on the correct staircase (group, team, values, attitude, session, etc.)! The correct staircase should take you where you want to go; be it in your career, life goals, personal self-actualization or short-term accomplishments!

But should you have doubts during this ascent, stop climbing. Evaluate your situation carefully. And don’t see the fact that you’re moving or  that you’ve invested a lot to that point, as a deterrent to reassess your priorities and start over if you must.

If you realize you’re climbing the wrong staircase, stop and go find the one you should be climbing, i.e. the one that will take you to the summit of your dreams and goals.

What personal analogies have you used to great effect in your life’s journey so far? Share them with us. We are always happy to gain new perspectives, as we are also climbing our staircase to success!

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  2. Thank you. We are happy that you found the information we provide helpful. We are always looking to be of service, so positive feedback goes a long way to encourage our efforts.

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