Three Profound Thoughts

If you should discover a profound thought that could change your life, would  you immediately embrace it? Well, here is not one, but three.

Here is the first profound thought:

We are more capable than what we are or able to do now— i.e. the best is yet to come.


Whether by virtue of how people perceive us, or by our own doing, we generally give off an aura of determination and resilience, even in the midst of our struggles. If we want to be fully satisfied with and motivated in our lives, we need to experience some form of progression on a daily basis. There are always areas of our lives that need improvements—if you can’t find any, you are not looking hard enough!  

Try writing down all the different things you do or are involved with, and examine your list to see if there are any aspects that you are neglecting or needing to improve. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll be surprised by the length of your list.

Here is the second profound thought:

Adopt the mindset of a tortoise!

We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare. The hare overestimated its strongest attribute, i.e. burst speed, but underestimated the tortoise's, i.e. slow but steady and consistent movement.    

It is generally better to start with small, tangible changes that can be made daily, but cumulatively can have an exponential effect on your life or on anything you want to improve. It's the way of the tortoise! For example, practicing to wake up earlier than normal to exercise gives you an edge of starting your day earlier, as well as indisputable health benefits.


Most of us don’t like to commit to anything significantly different from our status quo routine, which we have fine-tuned for years. Starting out slowly, allows you to gradually build the changes into your normal routine—slow and consistent is better than fast and short-lived!

Don’t feel motivated and just run to the gym to do an intensive workout, especially when you haven’t done any exercises other than walking around your apartment for the past 10 years—it doesn’t work and can do more harm than good. Adopt slow and steady progress...the way of the tortoise!


Here is the third profound thought:

Don't aim for perfection, nor mediocrity. Instead, aim for what's in view and in front of you!

Don't look back on what was, but look in front to what is possible with an open mind. Having an open mind is one of the keys to success for our spiritual, social and physical lives. The opening of the mind is a prerequisite for learning and accepting new experiences.

A closed mind blocks opportunities and prevents the free flow of information into your subconscious mind. Imagine your mind as a leaf floating in the wind and being freely transported from place to place. 

An open mind to all the possibilities creates a gateway for the interchange of knowledge and understanding about all things and instead of just settling, we reach out for what's in view.

There you have it, three profound thoughts you can start using today to make perceptible changes in your life and how you get things done. If you have others that have worked for you in the past, feel free to share them with us. We are always happy to hear from you.