No Free Handouts

When people do things just for doing sake, it reflects in their future and attitude towards life. The truth is life does not owe us any favours, and no matter how faithful or diligent we claim to be, life won’t sympathize with us and give us a handout!

Though life doesn’t play favourites, you’d agree that we all don’t get an equal share of the available resources and opportunities. It seems some people can do a quarter of what you’ve done and they will be well ahead of you, receiving the top benefits and remuneration!

That’s because it is not just about what you do, but how you do it! Learning how to live and work smartly is one of the key lessons for success and personal achievement.

Someone once told me that, “You are limited to what you can do from your feet to your shoulders; but from shoulders up, you have no limits.” And she was right.

Your mind gives you an unlimited range of possibilities and opportunities in respect to what you can do and achieve. But more importantly, you don’t have to achieve it all by yourself: you can call on the resources and abilities of others who share your vision and are willing to execute your plans.

Harnessing the power of yourself and others is the gateway to unleashing the unlimited potential that’s sequestered in “us”. But it demands you invest in the dream and the process of bringing it to fruition, not just sit and wait for a handout from others who have done the work!

No Free Handouts
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