From within our hearts, the light of the universe shines through to make our world a better place to live.
From within you let your light shine through to illuminate the world and make a profound difference.

Who is Constantine Brown?
A contemporary philosopher, poet, engineer, coach, lifelong student, and parent. He gets tremendous pleasure from each one of these roles and wouldn’t trade any for the world. This was not always the case. Over the years he has evaluated, recalibrated, and even reinvented himself in so many ways to strike a balance between “who he was on the inside” and “who he wanted to become on the outside”. He challenges you to do the same—live in harmony with yourself!
The journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment was a rocky one, but it piqued his interest to examine many facets of life. You could say that Constantine is a student of life, but with an insatiable appetite to learn—like many of you are! But it is not without purpose. He does so with the intent of sharing all that he learns with you and everyone who’s willing to listen.
He has many interests and hobbies, but he’s most passionate about life and living! Constantine believes that nothing is more important than these two aspects of our existence—and few would disagree.
No one truly maintains a 100 percent focus on their goals and what’s in front of them. When he loses focus, Constantine simply asks himself this question: “At this very moment, what is it that I am most grateful for?
The resounding answer is always clear and categorical: LIFE! And so long as we have it, we can always get back on track.
Constantine hopes you will find something life-changing and/or inspiring here. If you do, feel free to share it with your family, friends, colleague, and, the world. Your stories are his fuel and motivate him to give his best.
Here is his one challenge to you:

That you endeavour to live what you learn, every day!

Constantine Brown