Most of us search for one or more things that we hope will make our lives complete and rewarding—fulfillment. We associate fulfillment with many things, some being material pursuits. We expend our days searching for these things to make our lives worthwhile. However, as John Lemon famously coined: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans“.  […]

On the Brinks of a Blackhole

A blackhole has such high gravitational effects at its centre that not even light can escape! Unfortunately, this characteristic make blackholes invisible to the naked eye. You can sense it, but can’t see it.  Imagine your life resembling a blackhole: At a point in time, everything seems fine, then suddenly you get drawn into more and […]

Are we Really Special?

“Scientists…explore laws that govern the macro-physical world, yet they become dumbfounded by the behaviour of the tiniest particles of nature that appear to defy what we have come to define as logical, deterministic behaviour.” It’s easy for scientists to explore laws that govern the macro-physical world, yet they become dumbfounded by the behaviour of the tiniest particles […]

Do you Believe?

If you have ever done anything and in the process keep telling yourself “it is not going to work , it is not going to work” and then it doesn’t, you probably have experienced the downside of belief. There are many situations in life when negative beliefs or lack of confidence in what we do […]

Get with the Flow

“It takes significantly more effort to row against the tide than  go with it.” If you have ever canoed on a river, you will understand that it takes significantly more effort to row upstream against the flow than to go with it. This is no different from trying to get someone who disagrees with you […]

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