How to get around here!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you doing to make your dreams a reality?
  • Are you awake and trying to make things happen or are you still lying in bed—perhaps dreaming of success?

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Greatest Positive Difference

images-10Consider yourself as a key member of a team of six (6) billion people committed in their roles to change the world— big or small! The challenge for you is to first discover and then divulge to the world that unique gift which will allow you to unleash your highest potential. That is, the potential possessed by only you so that you can make the Greatest Positive Difference (GPD) in yours and the lives of all the people you meet. 


Achieving Mastery
Mastery and greatness come through much focus, hard work and resilience. You must never expect to be or achieve your best by merely cruising through life—you’ll need to experience the rocky road too!

The bumps and bruises you encounter on the way are the moulding that prepare you to reach the top and keeps you there. We don’t all go through the same struggles or challenges, but when you’re facing yours, don’t complain that someone else has it easier—you grow by facing and enduring your own challenges, not anyone else’s! 
It’s relatively easy to learn  a new skill, but to master it is entirely different. It takes time and focused effort to master a new skill you wish to develop. 
Mastery happens at the “unconscious competence” level, where using the skill seems effortless and second nature. It becomes a habit! You must strive to master any area in which you desire to become world-renowned. The key is for you to start working at it now. Never procrastinate on your dream!
Tip of the IceBerg
People who seem to suddenly rise to the top, achieve major success or have major triumphs will be the first to tell you that their accomplishments have been years, or even decades, in the making. Behind the scenes, they invested many hours, days, weeks and months of effort into honing, fine-tuning and even re-inventing their craft and themselves! Think: Williams Shakespeare, Thomas Edison, Charles Dickens, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Albert Einstein, who worked tirelessly, sometimes in obscurity, before having the breakthrough successes they are renowned for today.  
IcebergThink of success as being the “tip of an iceberg,”  which is visible to everyone, but its true magnificence and splendour lie well below the surface—out of sight to those who become enthralled by what’s most obvious. 

Now, are you ready to make a “world of difference” in the life of someone? People like you are out there busily doing their part to make the world better than how it was when they entered it—how about you!