Starting a Journey may conjure up the thought of embarking on something physical, like a trek from one place to another,  but it also refers to one that takes place totally in the mind. A mental journey begins with an ideology, but having a roadmap so that you don’t get lost or disoriented in your thoughts.

An ideology may be so surreal that it appears to serve no useful purpose in our lives, yet it controls us at a subconscious level. Like anything else, when we do things without first having a clear, definitive purpose for doing them, they create unease and feel like a waste of our valuable time. For example, it’s one thing to spend hours writing about what’s on our minds (i.e. venting), as opposed to providing useful information that people can either act on or use to gain new insights. What good does it serve to write anything that no one will ever benefit from in some way?

Some articles may be appealing, while others may be mundane depending on your interest—this is expected. Our circumstances will also dictate our enthusiasm and level of interest in a topic—and these change from time to time.

The Value Preposition 

We tend to under value what comes to us as free, even though it may be more valuable than anything else we’ve bought! 

How do you use information and advice, especially when it is offered free? I have discovered that we tend to under value what comes to us as free, even though it may be more valuable than anything else that came to us with a price tag! The reason is simple: we have a vested interest in ensuring that what we have committed our time and money into is successful—the sunken fund dilemma. Our egos cannot accept being wrong, even if the error in judgment is obvious to everyone else.

We scoff at the “free stuff” because in our minds it is difficult to couple “free” and “value” since our experience suggests otherwise. But we need to change this mindset and embrace the fact that free is going to become more come place now than any time before in history. Take advantage of this and make free work for you!

Whatever your journey entails, be sure to embark on it consciously and take advantage of the available resources—free or paid. Here is a free recording that will help get your ideology into focus as you start your journey.