The Journey

Staircase to Success

Ever thought about what would be a good analogy for the progression you want to make in your life or career? How about envisioning the progression like climbing the staircase of a multi-storey building…without using the elevators? In this context an elevator would represent leverage given to you by someone else as an advantage, opportunity or benefit. Without that leverage, you must climb the stairs with your own energy, motivation, determination and persistence.

Staircases of Life

One way to look at our lives is like climbing the staircase of a multi-storey building without using the elevators. No matter where you are on the stairs, if you have not reached the top, there is always one more tread to climb. And, unless you’ve reached the roof, there is always one more level to go. The effort you used to get to the present tread won’t help you to get to the next, or the next, and so on. Each time you must summon up new motivation, determination and strength to get from one tread to the other and from one level to the next.

Recognizing your Talents

Imagine you lived in a world where people failed to acknowledge their gifts and talents. Such a world would be void of fun, artistry, creativity and innovation—not a place anyone would aspire to live in. Fortunately our world is nothing like that. We learn from our instructors and mentors, who use their extraordinary gifts and talents […]

An Ever-changing World

If you look around for a second, you’ll get the sense that we’re not living in a static universe—the world is as dynamic as it can get! Likewise there people around you who are doing their best to get ahead…just like you and me! If you get caught in a routine or rut, chances are you […]


Most of us search for one or more things that we hope will make our lives complete and rewarding—fulfillment. We associate fulfillment with many things, some being material pursuits. We expend our days searching for these things to make our lives worthwhile. However, as John Lemon famously coined: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans“.  […]

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