From within us, our lights shine through to brighten the world—shine on, always!
From within us, our lights shine through to brighten the world—shine on, always!

A hero doesn’t always wear a cape or have super powers. Actually, most of my heroes look like me, commute like me and go to work like me!
One sure way to fail is to not try at all. It follows therefore that one sure way of succeeding is to keep trying. So simple isn’t it?
Live in the present, reminisce on the past, and plan for the future. Follow these three simple steps and your success is guaranteed!
Don’t be a perfectionist, but it’s always good to pay attention to details! Many wins & losses can be traced back to those details.
Who doesn’t have a dream, no matter how small or big, realistic or surreal? It’s in us all to aim for things we don’t have at the moment.
One word often attributed to success is belief. If you don’t believe in yourself and what you do, you’ve got limited chance of success.
Think being yourself is hard, try not being yourself for a second…you couldn’t! So instead of copying others, just be your awesome self!
Impossibilities are only for people who lack imagination. If it can be imagined, you’re already a step closer to making it a possibility!
When faced with a challenge, I redefine it as an opportunity to do something different, which makes it so much easier to find a solution
The reality of our fast-paced existence is that we are either lagging behind in our knowledge or keeping ahead, but never stagnant!
There is but one tomorrow…today! Nothing can be realized tomorrow unless the seeds from which it must grow are planted today.
Investing time into your personal development is similar to pumping fuel into your car: the more you put in, the further you can go!
Where most go wrong is assessing success & the value of life only in dollars & cents, when their true value is a matter of common sense
We’re all programmed for success, but like a computer, if we don’t challenge ourselves we’ll only realize our potential to surf the net!
Life’s great wonder is that there are so many roads to success. We need only choose the right vehicle & stay focus on the destination
To live happily, the following must be in balance: our time, energy, and relationships. Happiness is fleeting if any one is missing!
We live in a great era, but don’t see it as just a backdrop for your goals. Commit time to see, enjoy and immerse yourself in its grandeur.
People will complain about not having time to define a vision for their lives, preferring to use the time to figure out what went wrong!
Everything I understand about myself, I understand about the world, because all that I see around me originated from thought – yours & mine!
I am on a journey to somewhere great, but if the ride gets bumpy I don’t complain as they serve as reminders that I shouldn’t get complacent
We’re the sum effect of what we eat & think. Unfortunately most people tend to favour the extremes, when only a balance is really healthy.
We are all participants in the game of life and there are no winners or losers, because at the end, no one can claim the prize.